On-Demand Webinar Production

LAUNCHED: Nov. 2015 (English) &  Feb. 2016 (Spanish)
CLIENT: Seed Alliance, LACNIC
ROLE: Lead Instructional Designer

Contracted by International Media Solutions, I researched, scripted, storyboarded, recorded voice-overs, designed, and produced 10 on-demand webinars (English and Spanish) for Seed Alliance and LACNIC.

Topics covered were grant writing, communication and networking, fundraising, project monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.

Webinars were distributed on 300 USB flash drives at Seed Alliance’s annual conference in Brazil as well as uploaded to their Vimeo channel.

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“Thank you very much for taking the challenge to prepare these webinars on such a short deadline and contribute your talent and knowledge to make them work.”Sylvia Cadena, Community Partnerships Specialist, APNIC
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